Colorado Springs' Finest Auto Detailing & Interior (Leather, Vinyl, Upholstery), Paint & Scratch Repair

Behold! The Art of Expert Paint Touch-Up…

Renew My Auto is Colorado Springs' finest auto detailing, paint touch up, interior color restoration, and interior repair (leather, vinyl, and upholstery) shop.

We specialize in all luxury / classic cars, fleet and consumer automobiles and also offer convenient mobile services at your home in Colorado Springs

Renew My Auto: For Owners Who Love their Cars!

We Are Mobile: We Work Where You Are


Fast, Secure, and Convenient

Our mobile auto detailing, exterior paint repair and interior repair service is a convenient solution for today's hectic lifestyles.

At Home or At Work, We Come to You!

No more waiting for days while your car is in the shop. We work in your driveway or garage, or even at your workplace, during normal business hours, and your car is yours to use at the end of the day! You can monitor the workmanship at anytime, and you will quickly see why we guarantee top quality results.


You Get What You Pay For…

You wouldn't believe how much business I get from correcting the work of hacks in this town. I know, I get it: you like to save money. We all do! But when it comes to the delicate art of paint … [Read More...]

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