You Get What You Pay For…

You wouldn’t believe how much business I get from correcting the work of self appointed “professionals”  in this town. I know, I get it: you like to save money. We all do!

But when it comes to the delicate art of paint correction, newbies, hacks, and DIY’ers can wreak havoc on a car’s clear-coat.

For example, take this little Lexus:

I don’t think permanent swirl marks were part of the plan…


 I do know how to fix these kinds of rookie mistakes.

So remember, you really do get what you pay for.


  1. You guys di an awesome job on my buddy Dans truck…..thanks again , you have gained some great customers with your quality work……I will send everybody I know to you guys….keep up the great work…..Dustin and Tl…….you guys rock !