Product & Service background




All  products have been carefully researched, tested and observed to ensure you’re receiving the best quality in every aspect and regard.  I have been trained throughout the years in both interior and exterior cleaning, repair, care and reconditioning.  All exterior paint is PPG paint ensuring the highest quality, color match and product available.  Paint is applied with very small gauged syringes  to ensure the least visible repair possible.







I have been fortunate throughout the years to cross paths with some of the best in the business in their respective trades.  My most recent endeavor has been the privilege of having Bill Sasche of Color Glo International  become my mentor in the art of interior repair and coloring.  Bill Sasche is a longtime friend and also the International trainer for Color Glo.  Being well rounded and skilled in many fields of the reconditioning industry bring the best service available to you, the customer.  I am knowledgeable in many chemicals and how they react to stains and materials, know how to properly remove stains and what to use to remove them, ensuring no damage.  How leather, vinyl, carpet, plastic and many other materials  react to chemicals and the proper methods of cleaning, conditioning, repairing and dyeing .  All coloring/dyeing is done with eco friendly products, does not come out of a can, is hand mixed and matched by the eye for an exact color match.