Carpet Dyeing (Carpet Recoloring)

Sometimes there are instances where a stain in your carpet cannot be removed.  Maybe you spilled something red, maybe bleach.  There’s usually not much I have not come across.  Luckily there is a solution to avoid expensive carpet replacement.  Have your carpets dyed & looking new again.  This is more common than most think.  I happen to do quite a few on higher end vehicles for dealerships on carpets that are almost white.  It becomes a lot easier to match & dye than to remove all the stains.  On a lot of occasions someone damages the carpet by being too aggressive with a brush or tool, or by using a chemical that is too stringent.  Stop in, send a photo,  give a call, or send me an e-mail for a carpet dyeing quote.

Bleach stained carpet

Bleach stained carpet


Bleach stain dyed to match existing carpets

Red stain, someone attempted to clean it with bleach.