Paint Sealants

Curious about what a a paint sealant is?  We like to refer to them as “wax on steroids.”  Sealants outlast typical carnauba and other waxes dramatically.  They make washing your car a breeze, saving you time and money!  Paint sealants not only repel dirt and contaminants but add an extra depth, luster and shine.   We have customers who buy brand new vehicles bring them in because they’re older models paint looks richer and wet compared to the new one off the lot.  Renew my Auto offers many different brands of sealants as well as longevity of the product.  Some sealants can last up to over a year or more.  We also offer seasonal sealants as well depending on need and budget.  We are proud to announce that for the entire summer customers can get a paint sealant for the price of a wax.  Please contact us about any questions pertaining to paint sealants and our summer special. 

Paint Sealant