Services I offer

Interior services

Pet hair removal

Deep clean leather

Condition Leather

Ink, red stain, other tough stains

Carpet coloring/dyeing

Leather, fabric, vinyl,  plastic, trim coloring/dyeing

Leather, fabric, vinyl, plastic, trim, carpet repair

Burns, cuts, tears, frays, rips, etc repair

Custom coloring/dyeing

Smoke and odor removal

Steering wheel repair and dye


Paint or dye-Parts, trim, console, dashes, seats, door panels, headliners and more…


Dye accessory, handbag, boot restoration and repair

Leather tile repair and refinish

Reconditioning detail*







Vintage Sign, machine, and furniture resoration







Exterior Services

Contaminate, tree sap, brake dust removal (little rust spots)

Vinyl sign, stripes, graphics, badge, clear mask  and decal removal

Vinyl badge, decal, graphics, sign and stripe installation

Vinyl blackout


Paint touch up

Exterior trim restore

Clean wheels/rims

Wheel wax

Hard water spot removal

Scratch removal


Paint Sealant


Aluminum and chrome polish

Clean and degrease engine bay and compartment  

Parts paint

Reconditioning detail*


Recreational                                                   Fabric

Automotive                                                      Leather

Aviation                                                            Vinyl

Marine                                                               Plastic

Medical                                                             Headliner

Dental                                                               Trim

Fleet                                                                     Carpet

Residential                                                       Furniture