Services I offer

Interior services Pet hair removal Deep clean leather Condition Leather Ink, red stain, other tough stains Carpet coloring/dyeing Leather, fabric, vinyl,  plastic, trim coloring/dyeing Leather, fabric, vinyl, plastic, trim, carpet repair Burns, cuts, tears, frays, rips, etc repair Custom coloring/dyeing Smoke and … [Read more...]

Furniture Restoration & Repair

Renew my Auto of Colorado Springs is a certified, trained contractor for Color Glo International specializing in the repair of residential leather furniture, sofas, couches, recliners, love seats, footrests and more. Call a us at 719-201-2584 to revitalize and renew your furniture that has endured rips, stains, … [Read more...]

Parts: Repair, Recolor (Dye, Dyeing)

The price of car parts has skyrocketed. Whether new or classic restoration  replacements,  one things for sure.  They aren't cheap.  Sometimes a collector wants to keep the car "all original" other times replacement parts are not available, or one from the junkyard is damaged. Maybe you're not happy with the color of your interior, or a certain … [Read more...]

Carpet Dyeing (Carpet Recoloring)

Sometimes there are instances where a stain in your carpet cannot be removed.  Maybe you spilled something red, maybe bleach.  There's usually not much I have not come across.  Luckily there is a solution to avoid expensive carpet replacement.  Have your carpets dyed & looking new again.  This is more common than most think.  I happen to do … [Read more...]

Product & Service background

      All  products have been carefully researched, tested and observed to ensure you’re receiving the best quality in every aspect and regard.  I have been trained throughout the years in both interior and exterior cleaning, repair, care and reconditioning.  All exterior paint is PPG paint ensuring the … [Read more...]